Project Description

AJ Bush & Sons are a 100 % family owned enterprise that renders animal by-products.

A J Bush & Sons operate the largest capacity rendering facility within Australia and are located within the State Development Area in Bromelton.

Rendering is the process whereby all the non-meat parts of an animal are heat-treated to destroy pathogens, and the moisture removed to have the rendered products of Tallow and Poultry Oil, plus the dry residues which are Meat & Bone Meal, Poultry Meal, Hydrolysed Feather Meal and Blood Meal.

AJ Bush & Sons operate a fleet of collection vehicles which comprise transport sub-contractors and Company drivers, collecting meat by-products from across south east Queensland.

At our rendering facility these materials are processed through six different rendering process lines. We use steam as the heat medium to dry these materials.

The factory effluent is rich in organic material, which is treated via anaerobic digestion and aerobic treatment processes, with the treated water used to Irrigate pasture surrounding our factory.

We capture the biogas from anaerobic digestion and use this as a renewable fuel source to generate electricity and also reduce the amount of coal needed to make steam.

Whilst climate change adherents clamour for ‘real action on emissions reduction’ we can report that our investment has reduced our site emissions by 58 % – so that in April 2014 the Climate Alliance awarded A J Bush & Sons as their Board of the Year for their adaption to address the risks and opportunities of climate change.

Being centrally located to the majority of Queensland’s population – and their wastes – AJ Bush & Sons would like to achieve even more with renewable energy utilising what others may deem waste but we see as resource.

Our employees are local residents, and we engage with the local community of whom we form part.